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2016-08-04 W-beam Guardrail

2016-08-04 W-beam Guardrail


What is W-beam Guardrail?

"W-beam" the name is from its shape, from the appearance, it looks like the W, so we called it W-beam. Now the W-beam is widely used highway barrier, (AASHTO designation G4 (1S) or SGR-04 in theStandardized Highway Barrier Hardware Guide). It is supported at 27 ¾ inches by strong posts (wood or steel) and a "block out" to provide space between the post and beam. The newer 31-inch w-beam guardrail systems include the generic Midwest Guardrail System (MGS) as well as 3 proprietary guardrails. The terms guardrail and guiderail are synonymous, and are used in different regions around the country.

For our factroy, those days, we delivered one set of W-beam Roll Forming Machine. For the machine design, we use the gearbox to make sure the machine working steady. One whole production line, it can finish the punching of various types holes and roll forming, Here is the machine pictures for your reference:


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