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The colour steel roll forming machine welding work and other Preparation work

The colour steel roll forming machine welding work and other Preparation work


The colour steel Roll Forming Machine welding work and other Preparation work

Tile press assembled at the welding stress, if the binding of color-coated steel weldment smaller devices, such as thin thickness in a free or unconstrained state, the weldment will produce a corresponding change in the size or shortened or bent or warped music and so on. If the binding of large weldments, such as the thickness of the larger, complex shape or because of human c-beam equipment for the jig is applied and under the strong binding state, when the weldment can not be freely deformed, but stress in welding It will produce local strain while producing greater residual stress. Peak residual stress weld zone can reach the yield strength values of the material.
Therefore, welding stress their size and coefficient of thermal expansion of steel concerning joint restraint. Coefficient of expansion of steel structure changed little, while the binding of the form and structure of nodes, welding sequence, thickness, plus various factors such as the degree of tightening fixture related.
Before color steel tile press used to check the connection is solid throughout, mounting bolts, whether or tighten the nut, right and left inner chassis lubrication should add a little oil to power-up color steel tile press machine test, first empty running carefully observed , with or without vibration, noise, oil window is to oil, whether coordinated motion components before you can install all the normal mold, mold installation, must be cut off, by hand moving belt or gear motor, so indexing table, and carriage rise to the highest point, it is best to use an object supported between the table and the bottom surface of the slide to slip seat natural fall, causing the accident. Caigang pressure tile machine features: The device has a steel tile operation, maintenance, mechanical maintenance and debugging, easy mold replacement, etc; the entire unit automation control system uses a highly integrated network, automation systems and better performance; the color-coated steel tile press using a high level of automatic control software, production information management.

The color steel tile press mold used for an upper mold and a lower mold six identical size specifications, install the upper mold and a lower mold, the lower mold mounted directly on the six-party table runner, mounted on the upper mold carriage a bottom surface, and place the appropriate thickness of the pad to ensure that the upper and lower mold clamping, the four surrounding space uniform, equal to the distance between the upper and lower mold of the desired thickness of the tiles. Then prevail over mold, table indexing, color steel tile press to install the remaining five pay lower die, after all installed up and down to drive it colored steel tile molding machine pressure tile. Automatic discharge, whichever blank work program: mold installation and host test with the above, then open air compressors, vacuum pumps, extruders, Mitreva machine, discharge machine, roll forming machine, and the host Salvatore conveyor, stopping , stop the extruder, and then stopped to rest Color tile press equipment.

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