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Very important notice from Zhongtuo factory!!!

Very important notice from Zhongtuo factory!!!


Very important notice from Zhongtuo factory!!

Dear customers,

This is Rina from China Zhongtuo Cold Bending Roll Forming Machine factory.

Today i have an very important notice to inform you!

When you plan to buy machine from China, before buying, please check the voltage of your country,

if it is 220 v or 380 v, is it 50hz or 60 hz, is it 1 phrase or 3 phrase.

Please make sure to inform the supplier make the machine as your country voltage.

If you didnot know it until you receive the machine, and the cold Bending Machine can not run,then how to slove the problem?

Firstly, turn off the power of the machine, and do not try to start the machine again, because it may damage the parts of the machine.

Secondly, please buy a voltage changer in your market to suit your side voltage, insatall the voltage changer between your machine and the power,

The voltage is 220 V countries are: Bolivia, Dominican Republic,Aragua,Venezuela and other West Indians countries.

if you can not find the proper voltage in your market, please kind tell us, we will help you slove this problem!

Please contact : ceo@zhongtuocn.com

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